To market, to market

The story of Ashton-under-lyne's ancient market

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This absorbing book traces the history of both the Market Hall and Market Ground at Ashton under Lyne and is a volume packed with facts spanning over hundreds of years.


Richly illustrated with many photographs.


Find out what life was like for those very first traders and shoppers.


Learn of the many characters that throughout time brought colour and life to the town.


Read how the war years affected trading and how the town's people coped with their problems.



Your chance to own this special HARDBACK Edition



The Hardback edition of ‘To Market, To Market’ has one extra chapter (not in the paperback) which is chock-full of people’s memories of the market along with extra photographs.


Presented in an authentic Ashton Market brown paper carrier bag


Plus a 6”x4” photo reprint of a vintage Market Scene is included

In addition there is also a special supplement ‘So, how much is that in old money’ with comments from Ashton market shoppers in 1971 regarding decimalisation.

Along with a special ‘keepsake’ of a genuine un-circulated pre-decimal 1966 halfpenny.




With a foreword by

'Coronation Street' actor

Bill Tarmey



This absorbing book by the Williams Brothers was a complete sell-out within eight weeks of its first publication in 1994 – Necessitating a rapid reprint which also subsequently sold out. A further special limited edition published in 1998 continued the trend. Ashton’s Market has always occupied an important place in the day to day life of local society and has provided a focal point for the community even when faced with formidable competition. Entering the new millennium, the market still maintained its status as a major shopping attraction. This updated book continues the story from 1998 up to 2009. The 21st century saw new forms of retailing emerging creating new challenges for local shops and Ashton’s traditional markets. The greatest challenge was to arise in May 2004 when the Ancient Market Hall was destroyed by fire. Read how this event affected the traders many of whom lost their livelihoods – the repercussions felt by the outside market and other businesses and the town itself. The book covers the aftermath of the fire and the rise (and fall) of the Phoenix Market and of the rebuilding and reopening of the ‘new’ market hall. The authors have also taken the opportunity to include additional material to the book’s earlier chapters which were not available for previous publications - Plus the addition of many more photographs and illustrations. ‘To Market, To Market’ traces the history of Ashton’s outdoor and indoor markets from the very beginning near to St Michael’s Square up to present day. It is a volume packed with facts and interesting stories spanning over hundreds of years. The market has always attracted attention just as this enlightening and entertaining book will do as it reveals the story of one of the North’s, if not the Country’s GREATEST MARKET.


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